Adventure in Enemy Territory


About two weeks ago I went to Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play the Padres. I know, not the most exciting match up to watch, but I did get to see John Lackey as a Cardinal; and like always, I took my camera to document the experience.



Now last time I was at Busch Stadium was around a year ago and the Ballpark Village was in the process of being built. Just from the bare-bones of the structures, it already looked like a wannabe Wrigleyville.


After seeing the exterior of the finished product, my opinion stands. I unfortunately did not get to explore the inside, but from what I have been told, it is all connected on the inside.


I must say, I liked the LED strips that showed scores from around the league along with info about that night’s match up. Depending on where you are sitting, you can see those from your seat long with all of the other LED boards in stadium.

Staying on the topic of LED boards, Busch Stadium FINALLY has the pitch count displayed. This was one of my big gripes last year, so it was one of the first things I looked for. Unfortunately I did not bring a zoom lens next to me so I could not get a close up picture of it, but I can show you generally where it is.


The Cardinals also had a goof up on their jumbo tron, in the picture above they are doing a neat feature and showing statistics from throughout the Major Leagues, in this instance, AL Saves Leaders. At the time Derek Holland has the lead with 36, but that is not who is pictured.


Aside from the picture goof with Fernando Rodney, there are some nice things about Busch Stadium. Yes, you read correctly.

For one, there is a Cardinal in the ironwork of the seats.


Another thing is as you walk down the stairs as you leave the upper deck to exit the stadium, you see pictures of the Cardinals old logos.

20140814220512173 20140814220620866

The lower you go in the stairwell, the farther back in the history of the logo is displayed.

I am running out of things to say, so I will leave you with this photo.





Ted Drewes


Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is one of the hidden gems of St. Louis. There are two and a half locations, I say half because there is a new stand in the Ballpark Village next to Busch Stadium.


Even though there are only two locations, the frozen cuatard is to die for! I know simply words cannot convince you, but here are a few pictures that might sway you to try it.


They have a large version of the menu on the outside that gives you an idea of everything they offer.

If you are to get a concrete, which is basically a blizzard from Dairy Queen (only unbelievably better), it would look like this:


When they hand it to you, they always hold it upside down like this to show how thick it is. (I missed them doing this because I was helping a lady juggle ice cream and a dog leash. I recreated it though.)


Ted Drewes offers other tasty treats besides concretes. One that I must point out to you is the ice cream sandwich. Now this is no ordinary ice cream sandwich, it is made with Dad’s Cookies. I realize this means nothing to you, let me try to explain.


There is a store that just sells phenomenal homemade cookies, it is called Dad’s Cookies. When you go into the store you see a giant old fashioned cash register and a large balance scale. I’d keep babbling, but I digress.

The location of Ted Drewes I went to, on Grand Avenue is only open during the warmer months. The other location Chipewea Avenue in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood and is open yearround. In the months leafing up to Christmas, the parking lot is filled with Christmas trees and greens you can buy.

I highly recommend making a stop at either location of Ted Drewes when you are in St. Louis!

Sorry the pictures are not of the highest quality. I wanted to share about Ted Drewes, but only had my phone on me.

I promise to post more in the next few days about my other adventures in St. Louis including the Cardinals game I went to yesterday.

Bellefonte PA


Well I said I was going to try to post more, here is my first one!

Most of you have probably never heard of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. It is just over ten miles north east of State College (home of Penn State). If you have no idea where State College is, it is in the middle of Pennsylvania, affectionately refereed to by Penn State students as bumblef*ck.

Anyway, Bellefonte is known locally for its historical district that looks like it is right out of the Victorian era.

The buildings downtown are stunning. I knew that everyone could tell that I was not from around there because I kept taking pictures of the amazing brickwork and style of buildings.



Not only were the buildings in downtown Bellefonte gorgeous and in fantastic condition, but the houses are too! Driving and walking around revealed to me that older houses of Bellefonte appear to be in pristine condition from the outside.

20140802125706010 Stitch

This is a house that is right in downtown Bellefonte. There are other equally exquisite Victorian houses around the downtown area. Each house is in fantastic condition from the outside and is unique in its own gorgeous way.

As I wandered around Bellefonte, I came across a gurgling creek that goes by the name of Spring Creek. There is a park the is next to Spring Creek and I felt as if I was walking around on a movie set as I took in the sights and sounds.


I have never seen so many ducks in my life as I did at this park. These ducks were also very well fed and used to people feeding them. So when I walked over to the water’s edge, they came swimming over to me, nosily quacking in the anticipation of being fed.

There were machines similar to a gum ball machine that dispensed food, I am not sure if it was for feeding the carp, (which you can see in the picture above) or for feeding the ducks. Either way, both were large, well fed and seemed to expect me to throw food to them.


There is a suspension bridge that leads you to a little island in the middle of Spring Creek. The best way to describe that island would probably be to call is duck island. There were an inordinate amount of ducks.


The bridge in a part of a park that has a small playground and is right next to the heart of the historic downtown.



Though Bellefonte has more than just beautiful sights. There were multiple restaurants and diners that looked delicious, along with an ice cream parlor. Also, probably not shocking to you, but there are multiple antique stores with a high volume of items from the Victorian era.

Even though it is in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, Bellefonte is a town that I would say is a must to visit! You will feel as if you have stepped out of a time machine (or TARDIS) while walking around.



It has been almost a year since I have posted on this. I showed it to a friend and he inspired me to start posting on it again. Of course at the time I had no laptop to post photos with, nor a way to upload my pictures with.

That being said, I am going to try to post on this more regularly.

Here is a picture from my apartment from last school year that I really liked.


How do you say goodbye?

As many of you know, I lost my family dog, Lila, to cancer less than a month ago. Even though my family and I knew our days with her were numbered, it still came as a huge shock. I will not go into too much detail, but to simplify, I was playing with her that morning, everything was fine and then things were not and by 3pm, we had to say goodbye.

She was one of my favorite things to photograph, but also one of the hardest. Black is always tough because it absorbs light. Never the less, I would always try to get funny or adorable candid pictures of her.

Looking through photos of her is helping me grieve, I think.

I honestly have no idea if I will post this or just leave it in the drafts folder, but if by chance you are reading this, enjoy?




She loved carrots. Once I got her a giant one at the Soulard Market in St. Louis. She was not exactly sure how to bite it.

DSC_0034 - CopyShe would sometimes get bored with my just taking pictures of her, and she always made that clear by the expression on her face.


She braved surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on her side and the even worse ordeal of having to wear a Pujols shirt to protect her stitches while she healed.

CameraZOOM-20130531125421842Her ears, smile and tail were my favorite. I never knew dogs could smile until she came into my life.

She was who I always turned to when I was hurting. Now I have no idea what to do.

St. Louis, more than what Chicago fans say it is.

Chicago fans and especially Cubs fan enjoy bashing St. Louis fans for their jorts and nasty city that has nothing to do in it. I find these jokes amusing, but sometimes wonder how many people actually think they are completely true.


Yes, the city of St. Louis has seen better days and while I am not here to support their sports teams, I am here to try and open your eyes to see the city for what it really is and show you some hidden gems. No, I am not going to make one giant, long St. Louis post. I know I would lose your attention halfway through, but I will sporadically post some photos and little blurbs.


Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals


Going to another baseball park is always an experience, one that I highly recommend.  Sometimes you can see  the ballpark blocks away. Sticking up high above the builds so you now it is coming, which is much different than visiting Wrigley.


And yes, as you can see, there were Cubs fans at the game. The couple pictured above was friendly. I shouted “Go Rizzo” and she returned a cheer with enthusiasm. The guy wearing Freese told me “Don’t encourage her” in a teasing manner.

I actually did see some Cubs apparel being sold both inside and outside Busch Stadium. These were my favorite, I saw them at a stand outside of Busch Stadium.



Well I was not sure if the Baseball Village was being built in a previous post, as you can see, it is under construction.

Check out the rooftops they will have on at least one building. I wonder where they got that idea.



Since the Cubs will be getting a jumbotron, I payed a bit more attention to the one at Busch Stadium. I could not find the pitch count anywhere in the park, which really shocked me.


Though I did think that this was a neat idea. Showing a player’s scorecard for they day during their at bat later in the game.

One other thing I noticed was the mini boards above the bullpens. In case you cannot see the number of the pitcher that is warming up, they tell you.



My seats were very high up, so I was not able to get any close up shots of players. Though I did enjoy the view of the skyline and the breeze.